We are a non profit organization that works to build more walkable cities, together with people.

In order to do that, we promote a walking culture and we transform cities through five action lines:

More walkable cities are accessible, collaborative, fair, sustainable, safe, healthy and fun. We, as an organization, want to be a reference and encourage the transformation and co-construction of walkable urban environments at different scales (street, neighborhood, city).

Our story

SampaPé! was founded in July 2012 as a informal collective carrying out walking tours in São Paulo as a way to improve people’s relation with the city. Therefore, when people leading it realized that the most used transport in Brazilian cities is walking, besides being  the most sustainable, healthy, social, conscious and fun way to be and have access to the city, the group understood itself as a movement in defense of safe  and attractive cities for walking. With that, we started to work with the concept of walkability and to do advocacy strategies to promote changes into more walkable cities in Brazil. The biggest success story of this performance was the achievement of Paulista Aberta in 2015 – the most successful open street program in São Paulo –  after more than a year of public mobilization.

In 2017, SampaPé! decided to be formalized as a non profit (NGO) as a way to expand its performance and impacts, and asserting itself as an organization that works to improve the experience of walking in cities, not limiting its performance to São Paulo, but with projects and methodology that can be replicated in several cities, with walking not only as an end but as a tool for community engagement, in order to assess the quality of public spaces and to raise political awareness.


Start with walking tour at Bixiga (in São Paulo)


Expansion of walking tours and festivals in public spaces


Public Mobilization to "Paulista Aberta"


Collaboration with the project of Walkable Urbanismo in Jundiaí

May - Walking Mobility chapter for São Paulo's Mobility Master

October- First participation at Walk21 Viena

November - Co-organization of International Seminar for Walking Cities in São Paulo


Advocacy for Open Street policy in São Paulo


May - Formalization as a NGO
August - Fisrt Walking Week Festival (Semana do Caminhar)
August - Map "Bixiga a Pé"
First season of empathic advocacy project "Sentindo nos Pés"
December - Ellaboration of gender and walkability project "Mulheres Caminhantes"


Active Mobility on Ellections
Second season of "Sentindo nos Pés"
May - Women Mobilize Women in Leipzig
September - Participation at Walk 21 in Bogotá
December - Legible System at Jardim Nakamura
December - Award finalist at Premia Sampa


September - Participation at NACTO's conference in Toronto
October - Participation at Walk 21 in Rotterdam
November - Walkability and Gender Index Curitiba
Finalists of Child Friendly Cities Initiative - UNICEF
Some numbers
working for walkable cities
of daily commute in Brazilian cities are walking (fonte: Simob 2016, ANTP)
walking tours
Who we are

We maintain the format of a lean organization that always acts in a multidisciplinary way through the diversity of collaborator and in cooperation with other organizations.

Fiscal councilors: Carolina Igi and Mariana Cruz. Legal Coordinator: Larissa Sabino.

Leticia Sabino

President Director

Founder of SampaPé !. Graduated at MSc Urban Design and City Planning at UCL in London - with a dissertation on walkability and empathy. Undergraduated in Business administration at FGV - EAESP, with a postgraduate degree in Creative Economy and Creative Cities, FGV.

Louise Uchôa

Institucional Development Analist

Architect and urban planner from Maranhão (UEMA, 2013), graduated in Sustainable Multi-Scale Architecture (Politecnico di Milano, 2016). Involved with initiatives, research and projects that value and raise awareness about the importance of public spaces and a more democratic city.


Andrew Oliveira


Sociólogo, coopera com a articulação da organização, criação de novos projetos e principalmente na Semana do Caminhar. É cientista social e pedativista.

Fernanda Pitombo

Arquiteta e Urbanista

Arquiteta e Urbanista, atua em projetos do Índice de Caminhabilidade, contagens em espaço público, entre outros.

Nara Rosetto

Arquiteta e Urbanista

Arquiteta e Urbanista, participa de mapeamentos como o Bixiga a Pé, guiando passeios e no Paulista Aberta Lab.

2015 – Walk21 – Vienna
2016 – Congreso Peatonal – Cidade do México
2017 – Placemaking Latinoamerica – Valparaíso
2017 – Congreso de Peatones – Medellín
2018 – Women Mobilize Women – Leipizig
2018 – Walk21 – Bogotá
2018 – Velocity – Rio de Janeiro
2019 – Liderazgo Femenino Urbano BID – Washington D.C.
2019 – Cities Design NACTO – Toronto
2019 – Walk 21 – Rotterdam
2015 – Cidades a Pé – São Paulo
Finalist Child Friendly Cities Award (by Paulista Aberta)
Finalist Premia Sampa (by Sentindo nos Pés)
Finalist Prêmio Sinal Livre de Mobilidade Urbana
Santander Creative Economy Award - Leticia Sabino

Av. Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, 350, conjunto 33
São Paulo – SP

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